Privace Policy

This Privacy policy regulates the processing and handling of personal information on the website (further on referred to as the Operator).

By passing personal details on to the operator on this website, the user gives his or her permission to use the aforementioned details subject to conditions stated in this privacy policy.

If the user does not agree to the terms and conditions of this privacy policy, he or she must stop using this website.

  1. TERMS

1.1. The Website is a system of electronic documents in the Internet at

All the exceptional rights to this website and its elements (including software, design) is the sole proprietorship of the operator. Passing these exceptional rules on to the user is not provided for by this privacy policy.

1.2. A User is a person who uses this web site.

1.3. Legislation is the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

1.4. Personal details are the User’s personal information he provides when he registers on the Web site or while using this Website.

1.5. Registration is filling out the registration form by the User by entering the required information.

1.6. Registration form is a form on the Website, which the User has to fill out in order to complete his registration.

1.7. Services are provided by the Operator according to the Licensing agreement.


2.1. The Operator collects and stores only the Personal information needed to provide services by the Operator and for communication with the User.

2.2. The reasons for using the Personal information may be as follows:

2.2.1. To provide services to the User.

2.2.2. To identify the User.

2.2.3. To communicate with the User.

2.2.4. To send the User promotions, information and requests.

2.2.5. To collect statistic data and do research.

2.3. Besides the aforesaid, the Operator processes the following information:

2.3.1. Surname, first name, middle names.

2.3.2. E-mail address.

2.3.3. Mobile phone number.

2.4. The User is not allowed to share a third party’s personal details.


3.1. The Operator agrees to use personal details under the Federal act “About personal information” № 152-Ф3 as of 27.07.2007 and the Operator’s policies and procedures.

3.2. The User’s personal details are maintained confidential, except for the cases when these details are for public use.

3.3. The Operator has the right to save a copy of Personal details, even after the User’s account has been deleted.

3.4. The Operator is entitled to pass Personal details and User’s details without the User’s permission to the following third parties:

3.4.1. To the government agencies, including investigation and judiciary departments, local government at their legitimate request.

3.4.2. In other cases covered by the Russian Federation current legislation.

3.5. The Operator is entitled to pass User’s personal details on to third parties not mentioned in paragraph 3.4 of this privacy policy under the following conditions:

3.5.1. The User agrees to these actions.

3.5.2. Passing the information over is needed for using the Website or for providing services to the User.

3.6. The Operator performs automatic processing of the personal data.


4.1. The User can change (update, amend) personal details by signing in his/her personal account or by sending a written request to the Operator at any time.

4.2. The User can delete his or her personal details at any time.

4.3. The User guarantees that all the details that he entered during registration are actual and do not apply to third parties.


5.1. The Operator will thoroughly protect Users’ personal details in conformity with the legislation and take all the necessary and sufficient arrangements and technical measures to protect them.

5.2. The protective measures also help protect personal details from unlawful or accidental access, removal, change, blocking, replicating, spreading as well as other unlawful actions of third parties.


6.1. The current Privacy policy and relations between the User and the Operator that result from the application of this privacy policy is liable to the Russian Federation legislation.

6.2. All the likely disputes that arise from this Agreement are liable to be solved according to the active legislation at the place of the Operator’s registration.

Before going to court the User must follow a special pre-trial procedure and forward the Operator a special claim in the written form. The claim needs to be responded to within 30 working days.

6.3. If for any reason one or more conditions of the Privacy policy are declared invalid, this will not affect in any way validity and applicability of the other conditions of the Privacy policy.

6.4. The Operator is entitled to change the Privacy policy unilaterally at any time (in full or partially) without preliminary agreement with the User. All the changes come into effect after being published on the Website.

6.5. It is User’s responsibility to follow the changes in the Privacy policy by reading the updated edition.


7.1. Phone number: +7 (4812) 377-000

7.2. E-mail:

7.3. Our address: Smolensk, Popov str., 40/2.