Newbie questions


This is the brand name used by LLC “Lasertag” to manufacture indoor laser tag equipment. The game is played inside a specially equipped labyrinth. The battles are noted for being extremely dynamic and involving a lot of activity. Therefore, CYBERTAG is the favourite form of entertainment for both children and grown-ups. The play sets comprise special futuristic design vests and blasters. All the gear is fitted with defeat sensors.

Is CYBERTAG equipment certified?

Under current legislation, laser tag equipment is not subject to compulsory certification. Nevertheless, we do multiple tests of all the equipment components.

The hybrid optical system “Prism” used in our equipment has passed multiple comprehensive testing. As a result, it has been awarded the biological safety certificate. Based on the photometric and radiometric characteristics protocol, the equipment was found to be safe for playing laser tag.

How will I know I’ve been hit?

14 sensors built in the vest and blaster provide the maximum hit range of a player. The hits is followed by a bright LEDs flash and the vest sensors vibration.

Can a defeat sensor be covered?

All in all, the equipment has 6 defeat zones, which rules out the possibility of becoming invulnerable by covering all the sensors.

What type of frame was used to manufacture laser tag equipment?

Submachine gun ERASER used successfully in field conditions was taken as a basis. The blaster is only 30 cm long. The frame is made from transparent and strong polycarbonate. This polymer has long been used in world-class oversees equipment manufacturing. Now this material is used by CYBERTAG too.   

Who are the target audience of the CYBERTAG project?

CYBERTAG is a kind of family fun activitiy. Therefore, the play field will be equally enjoyed by children, men and women. It does not matter what your age, weight or hight is. You only need strong determination to win.

Where can I download the program software for setting up the play sets?

You can download the software after leaving a request on our website. We are the only company that provides software free of charge. There are no membership fees for using it, all new updates are free, besides, free technical support is provided by our specialists. 

Does you program software support the English language?

All the elements of the interface have been translated into English. The language can be selected in the settings. Besides, there is an option to choose Spanish or Czech for the menu entries. 

Can I repair the equipment by myself if it breaks down?

Much depends on the type of failure. Still, you can sort out 90% of the problems by yourself. We advise our clients on how to quickly repair their play sets. If the problem cannot be sorted, our specialist will come to you and sort it at your place. The equipment can also be sent to a CYBERTAG repair centre, where it will be repaired within 1-2 days. 

What is the capacitive sensor in the CYBERTAG blaster for?

The capacitive sensor has been made to enable a player to hold a blaster with both his hands. It has been placed in the handguard. If a player holds a blaster with one hand only, chances are high that he will injure another player. Therefore, a player can only fire a CYBERTAG blaster when he holds the handguard with his other hand.

What visual effects does your equipment have?

All CYBERTAG equipment is fitted with LEDs which respond to any actions during the game: hits, end of a round, start of a game. Vests glow and also notify a player by a brief vibroindication. Besides, the system is equipped with sound notifications, therefore, all actions are accompanied by a nice sound.

Equipment operation

What will be included in your package?

Blasters and vests, battery chargers, radio bases, computer software. The contents and the amount will depend on which set you choose: Optima, Pro, Elite.

What is the warranty cover period?

The warranty covers a one year period. Yet don’t assume that after a year you won’t be able to enjoy the fascinating and dynamic game. The purchased sets will serve you well another 3 – 5 years. Besides, the company provides warranty service, as well as after-warranty service. So, you will never be left alone with your problems. 

Is CYBERTAG equipment compatible with the equipment by other indoor laser tag equipment manufacturers?

There is no such option

What makes our equipment stand out from the equipment by overseas manufacturers?

The main difference is the cost. All the equipment is developed and manufactured in Russia. Therefore, its direct cost is not affected by currency rates changes and customs charges. Our play sets price range is significantly lower than that of their foreign counterparts. Still, they have same high quality, are as ergonomic and reliable. CYBERTAG is the only company that makes its computer software accessible to the public. Foreign manufacturers are rather conservative and don’t disclose their information. Our software allows to play a variety of scenarios, as well as to register every player’s statistics. Regular monthly updates will allow you to keep adding free new options. 

Are there age restrictions in CYBERTAG?

CYBERTAG can be played starting from the age of 6. Yet we often see even younger children on the play field. The equipment cannot harm a child. You only need to control the behavior of other players. You need to avoid children bumping into each other, into the walls or stumbling against cables on the floor. It is all up to arena owners how effectively they organize the game process and the arena set-up. 

Can I use CYBERTAG equipment outside Russia? Is this technically feasible?

There are no technical restrictions of any sort. The equipment is fully certified and now our arenas function the world over. As to the program software, we have added a system of automatic updates. You just need to run the configurator on a computer that has internet connection and update the software without a hitch. 

Is creative approach possible in CYBERTAG? Can I create my own game variants?

Yes, this is possible. There are now 15 default scenarios in the program, but you are by no means limited by this number. The special editor will help you create any scenario, which will become the distinctive feature of your arena. All the characteristics can be adjusted, changed, therefore you can both alter the existing parameters and create several versions of any game variant. 

How can CYBERTAG play sets be charged? How long does charge last?

The play sets can be charged using special battery charges included in the delivery set. If all the maximum settings have been selected (glowing brightness, vibroindication, vests flickering duration, sound effects), then the charge will last 8-12 hours of continuous operation. If medium settings have been selected, the continuous operation time will increase to 24 hours. 

How many players can take part in a game?

The scenarios support up to 56 players in each game. This figure is not final. It may well soon increase. 

When shooting a player from the side will the player get hit?

Yes, he will. The special hit sensors receive both the horizontal and the vertical infrared signals. 

How are points calculated during a game?

It depends on the scenario how points are awarded. If a player hits a rival or kills him, lays a bomb, demines an object, his rating increases. These settings can be viewed or changed in the CYBERTAG scenario editor. 

How will the players know that the game is over?

There is a special default event in all the scenarios. At the end of a round or a game, players’ vests start flickering, vibrating and there is a special sound signal.

Laser tag business

What is the minimum number of play sets you need to open your arena?

It all depends on the area of your future arena. You need 12 sets for 200 – 300 m2, 16 – 24 play sets for a bigger area, say 400 – 500 m2.

Where shall you open your arena?

We suggest that you equip your place at a shopping centre with a high flow of people. Besides, you have to consider the city population numbers. These details will determine when the arena recovers its costs.

If you have any questions, our managers will give you a more detailed information about the range of the company products.

Can I order a different number of vests and blasters than that listed on your website?

Yes, you can. Yet the sets listed on the website are ideal for opening a CYBERTAG arena. Therefore, we recommend that you order these sets. In each set description you will find the amount of equipment that is required to open a play field of any size.

How long does it take to produce a batch of CYBERTAG equipment?

It all depends on the amount of play sets that need to be made. On average, it takes 2 days to produce a batch of 12 blasters and vests.

Can you make a design project of my laser tag arena?

Of course, we don’t just produce game equipment. We specialize in designing play areas, too. What partitions can be used for an arena? How should the electrical equipment be placed and lights connected? What does it take to make a perfect reception room? We answer all these questions in the project. And this is just the tip of an iceberg. Design cost depends on the amount of works that need to be done, therefore, the price for each design is calculated individually by our specialists. 

I live abroad and would like to open a laser tag arena. How can I place an order with you?

You need to get in touch with our managers either by e-mail or by skype. They will provide detailed information on how you can place an order. We send our equipment all over the world, therefore, no problems with delivery and payment should come up. 

What should an arena look like?

The design of a play field depends on personal preferences. Yet one must bear in mind that the design of all arena elements – labyrinth, reception room, briefing room – must be uniform. The uniformity in style determines how much players will enjoy the game universe. You can find examples of arena designs in a special photo album on our group page. 

How much do I need to spend on my arena promotion?

We supply marketing materials free of charge when you buy the equipment. The materials can be used to decorate banners, leaflets, business cards, etc. All the photos have high resolution and a uniform style. You do not need to consult a designer or and advertising agency. CYBERTAG will help you save your money by making the launch cost-effective.