Professional design of laser tag arenas

Arena laser tag - a fascinating adventure that brings you to the world of favorite PC games or fantastic movies.

What will I get?


Use a business model from a well-known brand and make profit right from the first month.


Discounts on purchase of laser tag equipment for new and regular customers.

Turnkey arena

We create arenas for working businesses with any budget from scratch.

Features of laser tag arenas

Arena laser tag is played on special indoor arenas. Usually they are located in shopping malls or amusement parks. The laser tag arena is a maze consisting of shelters of different shapes and sizes, as well as all kinds of interactive elements.

Twilight reins in the arenas, where the IR rays of the taggers and the illumination of the vests are clearly visible. Owners of the maze use this factor as well for creation of spectacular design. The motives of space, fantasy worlds, famous sci-fi movies and PC games are often used in the design. Arenas are decorated with bright graffiti, drawings or luminous wallpaper, equipped with fluorescent lamps and LED lighting.

Playing area

It is a room with shelters and arena devices that allow you to play different scenarios.

Entrance area

A place designed to give customers maximum information about the attraction.

Instructor's room
Laser maze
Reception and waiting area
Banquet area
Slot machines

What else could there be in a laser tag club?

The rental club can include not only a laser tag arena.

What are your working principles?

LASERWAR performs projects of any complexity and for any budget.

We analyze all initial data of the future arena: location and size, environment features, target audience, customer requests.
We define the theme of the playground.
Here we visualize the idea. We create a design project that takes into account all the information received.
A game arena will be created on the basis of the completed project.
  • Terms of Reference.
  • Style guide, concept, zoning.
  • Planning solution.
  • Sketch 3-d visualization.
  • Recommendations on materials and technologies.
Design project
  • Terms of Reference.
  • Style guide, concept, zoning.
  • Planning solution.
  • Electrical wiring diagrams, lighting points, marking of coating materials, etc.
  • Working documentation with a description of all arena details.
  • 3-d visualization.
  • Cost sheet of materials.
  • Advice at all stages of construction.
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The cost depends on the selected options and is calculated individually.
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Why choose us?

LASERWAR is a professional developer of turnkey arenas. We take on the task of creating a site from scratch and delivering a working project to the client. We inspect the room, develop the general concept and design, provide the author's supervision during the construction process, install and adjust the equipment, help with the first game.

If you want to get a well-designed and decorated arena without wasting time and energy on learning all the details, entrust the work to LASERWAR specialists.

План cybertag арены
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Laser tag arena

300 m2

The unique feature of the project is the small area of the original room. It represents a rectangular space with an aerospace theme. The designer took into account all the client's wishes: to maximize the use of ready-made elements from the past project, decorative elements, ventilation and air conditioning systems, fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems, create a second level for the game, create fewer partitions.

Laser entertainment centre

450 m2

Arena in the style of the Star Wars movie. It represents an irregularly shaped space, part of which is divided into smaller rooms. The site includes a reception, a two-level slot arena, slot machines, a banquet hall and a Laser Maze attraction. Posters, graffiti, moving figures, interactive elements belonging to the movie universe are used.

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