Беспроводное оборудование CYBERTAG

Wireless equipment CYBERTAG: a game in reality

Беспроводное оборудование CYBERTAG

You like computer games but you want to be more active and you need an alternative to passive lifestyle? CYBERTAG is Standoff 2 in real life where this is you who is the main hero of the shooter.
Laser tag games with new wireless equipment :
- Safe
- Do not depend on weather outside the window
- Suitable for all ages
CYBERTAG - is a new arena game, made by Laserwar company for the whole world. More than 70 arenas with our equipment welcome customers everyday in 23 countries.

The popularity of arena laser tag increased when LASERWAR improved its developments: the blaster and vest of the gaming set became wireless!

No more thick, twisted cords that often get in the way for beginners! The classic functionality of the equipment remains the same. The procedure for attaching a blaster to a vest is simple:
- turn on the blaster with two buttons pressed
- turn on the vest
Blaster goes into search mode for the vest and makes a connection with it. Does it remind you of connection between wireless headphones and a cell phone? It is easy even for a little player! And no need to worry: a blaster-vest pair works in conjunction with each other until the next reconfiguration.
Buy wireless kit online on our website. Play in reality! Play with CYBERTAG!

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