The novelty of 2023 – wireless CYBERTAG


CYBERTAG – the system of arena laser tag developed by LASERWAR company – is well-known both in Russia and all over the world. Our equipment is even exhibited in the American laser tag museum in Louisville.

This equipment has already become a classic, but we continue to work to improve it.

LASERWAR company introduces the novelty of 2023 – wireless version of CYBERTAG. Now, a blaster and a vest of the player’s set are connected with the help of wireless technologies.   

A thick curl cord that hindered the players and was troublesome in terms of maintenance is now the thing of the past, only pure passion and high emotions are present.   

A new equipment version has classic functions. The only new thing is the procedure of establishing the connection between a blaster and a vest. When you turn on a blaster, pressing the two buttons, it switches to the looking-for-a-vest mode and establishes connection with it when a vest is turned on. A vest and a blaster save the connection and work together until they are set up again.    

The cost of a wirelessblaster+vest set is 60000 rubles. You can buy it in our store where it’s available as separate items or as a part of a15+3 set.

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