Обзор иностранных производителей лазертаг арен

Overseas manufacturers of laser tag arenas

Обзор иностранных производителей лазертаг арен

Laserwar is starting its review of overseas manufacturers of play arenas. We hope our review will dispel all your fears and will help you choose the manufacturer of the equipment you need.

  1. Lasertron (http://www.laser-tron.com)

This is one of the first laser tag equipment manufacturers. laserTron, Inc. is one of the founders of game industry. After starting up developing its own system in 1986 for the new arena in Amherst (New York), by 1988 the company presented its first equipment – LT-1. Since then, LaserTron has been steadily introducing even more new technologies – 12 LT versions have been produced until now.

It must be emphasized that the term “cyber sport” was first applied to the company equipment – this sport uses a combination of human capacities and the latest technology achievements.

The company specializes in manufacturing arenas from a scratch, as well as in selling self-install arenas, which have to be assembled by the buyer. Besides that, production of multi-level arenas makes LaserTron stand out from other manufacturers.

There are 4 main packages for the customer to choose from:

  • Basic. It is aimed at users of arenas located in towns with small population, or arenas that are part of big entertainment centres. The area is 520 square metres (390 metres on the ground level and 130 on the first). Up to 32-36 players can take part in a game.
  • Most popular. This package is offered to entertainment centres, where laser tag is the central attraction. The site area is 640 square metres (480 metres on the ground level and 160 – on the first). Up to 38 players can participate in a game.
  • Delux. Ideal for big cities with dense population. The area is 710 square metres (530 metres on the ground level and 180 on the first). Up to 44 players can participate in a game.
  • Ultimate. This package will leave your competitors far behind. The area is 830 square metres (620 square metres on the ground level and 210 – on the first). Up to 48 players can take part in a game.

The company only uses fireproof materials, which ensures the safety of the whole place. Besides the abovementioned, the company gives a life guarantee on the plastic elements of the arenas, offers services of an architect, a designer, an electrician. In addition to that, LaserTron labyrinths have numerous partitions, passageways, ladders, boarders, which allows to create rooms for both the attacking team and the defense team. Doubt not, the players are going to make use of every single element of the labyrinth, for the manufacturers ensure there are no idle corners in their arenas.

  1. Laser Tag (http://www.lasertag.com)

The Helios Laser Tag company that came to the market of labyrinth manufacturing more than 25 years ago, has extensive experience in the area of unusual exhibition stands and constructions development, as well as construction works and design. Besides the labyrinth design itself, a lot of attention is devoted to briefing rooms and vesting rooms. DMX illumination is used in Helios Laser Tag arenas, thus making it possible to do without the costly assistance of light engineers, as mounting, activation and transportation is a lot easier here than in any other equivalents, for the controller is equipped with a small number of connecting cables.

The central part of the company labyrinths is represented by a system of partitions manufactured using an original technology specially developed for the company’s own labyrinths.

  1. The manufacturing technology allows to produce a great variety of partitions (including sloping ones). Close attention is paid to the partitions design. They must be comfortable enough for the game process too.
  2. The partitions are fitted with shock-absorbing and cushioning elements, which makes the system safe in case someone collides into it.
  3. Lack of fixtures in the structure of the partitions gives them shock absorbing quality against collisions, which besides ensuring players’ additional safety significantly increases protection of the labyrinth from any harmful effect.
  4. Creative works (http://lasertagworld.com)

Creative Works have been offering labyrinths engineering, construction and interior design since 1997. The company has since produced and sold more than 500 projects that are still in demand. The advantages of the company are the enormous industrial area (3000 square metres), and the exhibition hall (650 square metres), where the customer can acquire information about the products he or she is interested in. They use a complex approach to the concept of arenas, which includes the development of the labyrinth plan, equipping it with interactive devices, special light effects, 3D graphics, and sculptures devoted to a particular subject.

There are 3 major arena packages to choose from:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold

Included in all the packages are labyrinth design, details on marketing, the documents, a detailed instructions manual, 3D panels. The Silver package is supplied with a sound system, smoke generating machines, and 3D equipment coating. The Gold package includes all the abovementioned plus 3D wallpapers.

One can choose arena and labyrinth layout from ready options, or order one to fit one’s individual needs; or choose a mixture of styles (in the so called Time Portal each of the labyrinth’s rooms has its distinctive style). Due to the fact that Creative Works specialize on laser tag equipment manufacturing, they have a clear view on the peculiar features of laser tag games, as a result the produced equipment is extra strong and safe for players even when they slam into each other. 

  1. Deltastrike (http://www.deltastrike.com)

This is a new company that specializes on laser tag equipment manufacturing. Deltastrike is the winner of a prominent NZ Hi-Tech Awards 2014. Ii is one of the leaders in the industry in its region. The company does arenas and labyrinths construction. It is one of the few companies that can do a finished arena project. All you have to do is get in touch with the company specialists and they will prepare all the schemes, drawings and construction plans you require, as well as a diagram of ring circuit configuration. Besides, Deltastrike experts supply the customer with a 3D model, so that he can view the labyrinth from every angle and make all the necessary amendments to it on this stage of development. The customer will understand what the final version of the product must look, how to coordinate the work of builders, contractors, electricians and other people whose job is to create the labyrinth. As well as that, one may need stationary arenas graphic design services (including 3D graphics) and additional ornamental special effects. On the company website there are examples of theme design of arenas, the client can choose one of them for his labyrinth.

  1. Mediavision (http://mvisioninc.com)

Media Vision company (brands Plazma Force and PhazerZone) offers easy to assemble panels-partitions and customers’ choice of digital graphic design.

The panel is a pipe frame covered with vinyl fabric, strong, easy to maintain and clean. The paints used for the panels decoration, as well as the pipes of the frame are fluorescent and glow under the labyrinth UV-light. The panels are easy to assemble and to collapse, which makes them very convenient for transportation.

Besides the designer who in charge of the whole arena design concept, the company invites professional graffiti artists to help with arena design.

To conclude the article, we would like to highlight the cost of ready-made labyrinths. Indoor laser tag requires big money investments. For this reason, when you buy a ready-made option you must have a clear idea about the forthcoming spending. If you understand that buying a ready-made construction is beyond your means, then doing it by yourself is a way out. Whichever option you choose is up to you. The bottom line is that people who come to your place for new emotions should enjoy it.  

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