Новинка 2018 года уже в продаже!

The brand new product of 2019 is avaliable for sale

Новинка 2018 года уже в продаже!

Dear friends! All of you are already familiar with CYBERTAG — the best Russian system of laser tag arenas that is developed by theLASERWAR. The organizers of laser tag arenas and participants of laser battles could appreciate the equipment. For many the equipment became the beginning of their own business. The rest just enjoyed the game, unforgettable emotions and feelings. Arena laser tag is primarily focused on entertainment, attracting players to fantastically designed game mazes. The visual appeal is great — the task of equipment developers, arena designers – to attract new players and give them an unforgettable experience.

кибертаг 2018

The developers and engineers of the LASERWAR are glad to represent a brand new game set of 2018 from CYBERTAG series — CYBERTAG 2.0 Black Edition.Here are the main novelties of this game set:

новинка кибертаг

⦁ The game set has a new blaster in a unique black bode with special color inserts, brightly sparkling in invisible ultraviolet rays. The color can be chosen depending on the design of the arena and the team’s color. Ergonomic handles are perfect for both adults and children. The stylish rubber bumper complements the spectacular design and prevents injuries in case of accidental collisions of players.

⦁ The bright OLED display located on the blaster displays the main game parameters. Ammo, health, battery charge — now all this information is easily accessible to the player.

⦁ The placement of the sound speaker in a special acoustic socket allows you to double the volume of the sound.

⦁ Improvements have also been made to the second hand sensor. The new scheme – a 100% guarantee that the sensor will be activated when needed, even if the player’s hands start sweating during an active game.

⦁ The new optical system allows you to shoot very accurately and has a smooth adjustment of the shot power from 1 to 100%, which allows you to adjust the blaster to the conditions of a particular room and avoid interference and ricochets. The target indicator, which has several modes of operation, will add shooting accuracy and entertainment to the game. It can be used for visual aiming or to illuminate the shot. The process of turning on the target indicator can be paired with a second-hand sensor.


By the way, the new blaster has its own capacious battery, which significantly increases the stability of the entire system of gaming equipment, preventing critical failures due to possible issues in the cable contacts (the cable connects the vest and the blaster). The blaster has its own battery. The battery life is two times bigger — up to 24 hours without recharging.

⦁ The updated software has all the elements of the world’s best developments. It fully controls all arena devices and game sets, displays real-time statistics on large television panels. Dozens of dynamic game scenarios with an ability to edit them, sound effects, a customizable design, fiscal statistics and much more will make the work with the arena comfortable. Every game will be an unforgettable one.

⦁ The arena game devices gave been updated. The new automatic game base is fully adjusted to your arena and has additional sound and light effects.

кибертаг 2018

And finally, the new generation of CYBERTAG 2.0 is on sale. 3 clubs have already bought the first sets of new equipment and started working with them.To learn more about the new equipment, please contact the managers of LASERWAR or download a commercial offer for CYBERTAG 2.0 Black Edition.

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