Новые сценарии и визуальный интерфейс фискальной статистики

New scenarios and visual interface of fiscal statistics

Новые сценарии и визуальный интерфейс фискальной статистики

A month ago, we were talking about fiscal statistics in the CYBERTAG configurator. During that time, the program accumulated information about the work of the game sets.

In the new update, the statistics received visual enchantments. The data is available in a clear graph that is easy to work with. In addition, 2 new scenarios were added to the configurator, which will be described below.


The program has a new section with statistics. Arena owners now have a powerful tool to analyse the work of game sets. The section will show how many games have been played per day, week, month and year. In addition, the configurator will calculate the average duration of games, revenue received, number of players who participated in laser tag battles.

The program will show both the average value for the specified period of time and the absolute figures from the beginning of statistics collection. The selected interval is displayed in the lower part of the window. Use a drop-down list in the upper right corner to switch indicators.

We used different colors to display the data type. In the graph you will not confuse the "revenue" line with the "number of players" line. In addition, we used a convenient background grid that doesn't distract you form work. The graphs look ordered and are clearly visible.

We gave up the classic axes (when the user needs to calculate the value on the grid himself). Instead, the program shows exact figures for each day, saving time for the administrator. You can turn off the display of any graph if the data is not important for analysis. To do this, just click on the corresponding button at the top of the screen.


Two new versions were added to the scenario: Basic Flag Capture and Rugby.

The first one is well known to laser tag players thanks to the standard scenario: Capture the Flag. The difference is that you can't make a mistake. The team wins the round if a player captures the flag and brings it to the home base. If the player is killed the flag is returned to the base. Traditionally, laser fighters are awarded scores for kills and hits.

The second scenario – Rugby. The players are divided into two teams. There is one player who's vest diodes are orange. This player should bring "the ball" to the enemy base and score "a goal" by shooting at IGB. The player with "the ball" can "pass the ball" to his teammate by shooting at that teammate one time. In this case he restores his teammate's health points. Players can also take "the ball" from the player by shooting one time at their teammate. In this case the shooter's health won't be restored. Ratings points are awarded for all gaming activities. The team that scores the highest number of rating points wins


In this version, we introduce a license procedure of the installed software. In the section "About the program" there is a special code, which must be registered on the site in your lobby. It is used to update the program, and it will also be useful to generate an error report. If you do not register the code, you will not be able to update the software to the current version.

The CYBERTAG Configurator has long been a powerful tool. It can be used to configure the equipment, create your own scenario, customize the interface.

Fair play has been added to the above-mentioned advantages. The configurator will not allow cheating: we all know stories about dishonest administrators who spend 10 games a day, but give money only for 4.

The statistics are incorruptible and cannot be wrong. Therefore, arena owners will better understand the current state of affairs, adjust their line of behaviour. Do you need more players? Print big banners and put them in the mall. Do you want more revenue? Invent your own scenario and monitor the players' feedback.

Speaking of scenarios. The configurator has 17 variants of the game, which differ from each other in dynamics and atmosphere. You can evaluate the advantages now by upgrading the configurator to the latest version.

If you want other types of data to be present in your statistics, write to director@laserwar.com. We are always open for comments and suggestions.

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