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Leap in the future with CYBERTAG equipment

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CYBERTAG is confidently evolving into the arenas of the future. Laser tag used to be an attraction. Now it is more than just fun: it is a fast-paced sports game. The most important feature is "transparency", which is achieved through reliable software and a system for collecting stats.

User-friendliness and reliability have been hallmarks of the CYBERTAG configurator for many years. The Statistics section has all the data regarding the fair play. All sets are constantly monitored by the control PC, and the current state of arena actions is displayed on information panels.

With the autumn software update, the LASERWAR programmers have improved the operation of the software and introduced some changes to the Statistics section.

CYBERTAG has been Russia's number one rental system for many years. Very soon the world of laser tag will be facing a major event that will change all previous game perceptions.

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