Лазертаг-арена в Новомосковске

Laser tag arena in Novomoskovsk

Лазертаг-арена в Новомосковске

Laser tag attracts people across Russia, and today we are going to be talking about the opening of another partner club in Novomoskovsk.

The owner of the club is our old partner, whose LAZZAR arena in Tula, running on CYBERTAG equipment, has become popular and frequently visited. We are happy to congratulate him on his business expansion!

With the new club "Kosmoboy" he makes the already proven bet on adults with children, holidays and national games as well as tournaments. Starting a second time is always easier: you have already gained experience in creating an active community of loyal customers. We helped with marketing materials like last time. It is worth noting that the CYBERTAG equipment has been tested in game conditions, and again it has been given preference.

The guys busted the myth that quality arena couldn't be created in a small town: an arena of 250 square meters was created with special effects, decorations, graffiti and shelters. Soft materials were used in the construction. Many entrepreneurs know how much effort an impressive arena requires, but our partner has succeeded again.

We will not leave our hin without support and hope to further strengthen our long and successful cooperation!

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