Аренный лазертаг общие принципы

Laser tag arena: general principles

Аренный лазертаг общие принципы

Modern Star Wars in each shopping centre

What games do adults who grew up on “Star Wars” play? Space shooting computer games and certainly laser tag!

Known to many as laser paintball, indoor laser tag is an exciting game, which imitates a military engagement. It takes place in a specially equipped fantasy style maze.

The main idea of laser tag, enjoyed equally by adults and kids, is clear: one needs to “shoot” the opponent (or interactive aims) with an infrared ray produced by a blaster, get the highest score and win the game. The equipment used for playing laser tag includes vests with inbuilt sensors, which register hits, and futuristic design weapons.

Glowing in the dark patterns on the walls, visible laser rays, vests and blasters with animated light effects , the sounds of the shooting guns, music that creates a special atmosphere, exciting scenarios and certainly descent opponents – this is what modern indoor laser tag is about.

Laser tag yesterday and today

In 1977, inspired by the “Star wars” movie, an american inventor George Carter III created Photon. It was the Photon idea that became the foundation of indoor laser tag.

Laser tag was originally conceived of as a childrens’ game. But gradually the equipment got improved, the rules became more complicated, and adults started playing the game too. At present there are thousands of functioning laser tag labyrinths. Nowadays laser tag is considered to be not only a highly technological attraction, but also a new generation sport for all ages.   

What happens during a game?

The players put on vests with sensors (usually located on one’s back, shoulders and chest) and get weapons - infrared rays shooting blasters.

The difference between paintball and laser tag is that people playing laser tag experience no pain after they’ve been shot. But they get lots of other feelings, including tactile. Shootings are followed by sound effects, and after being hit by the ray the sensors on the vests start gleaming and vibrating – this contributes to dipping into the atmosphere of a fantasy fight. It is same as watching a 7D film at the cinema as well as taking part in the action and even effecting the scenario.

Computer software settings are decisive factors that influence the result of the fight: at the start of the game, one can choose the amount of health one needs, armor, and various weapon qualities. As a rule, one hit is not lethal. For instance, if you have ten lives, you have to be hit ten times. “Wounded”  warriors continue fighting, aiming to get even with the enemy, which makes the game dynamic and adventurous.

All the hits are registered by the sensors and the data is sent to the main computer. At the end of the game, the participants get a printout with the report: who was hit by whom and how many times.

There exist many game scenarios. The most popular include occupation of the enemy’s territory, saving hostages, freeing or taking control of a base. One can play for oneself or for the team.

Why do people love laser tag?

One of the indoor laser tag best features is its ability to transfer a player within seconds into the world of his favourite films and games. But compared to the virtual reality a fight in the labyrinth is a lot more adventurous. For the participants fight not against soulless computer characters, but against cunning live enemies.

Besides, laser tag is beneficial for health. How often do modern people actively move and even run? For many going to a fitness centre is a chore, so they hardly enjoy sports. But they change their opinion when they come to play laser tag.

There is one more point to support indoor laser tag – low game cost. One fierce 20-minute fight costs just as much as one beef roll, and half as much as a bucket of fried chicken wings. But the game is much more useful and enjoyable. Besides, no one puts on weight after playing laser tag, it’s the other way around! Anyway, there will be nothing wrong about it if the “warriors” want to award themselves with some fast food after the game. One shouldn’t experience pangs over a hamburger after so many calories have been burnt in the labyrinth.

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