Лазерные бои. Уже скоро!

Laser battles. Coming soon!

Лазерные бои. Уже скоро!

Both owners of CYBERTAG arenas and common players who love indoor laser tag are sure to find this new thing interesting. Now, games are going to become even more lively and dynamic!

A CYBERTAG blaster now has an additional laser designator module. With a mere flick of your wrist, you can find the aim in the semi-darkness of a labyrinth. The marvellous rays produced by scopes cross like laser swords of the Jedi.

Лазерные бои

All CYBERTAG Black Edition sets produced starting from May 2018 will include a laser designator by default. The visible laser diode of the designator has an output power of 1mW, meets health safety requirements and does not require any additional protective equipment.

лазер таг оружие

What about those who have already bought and uses CYBERTAG equipment sets? It’s quite simple. If you want to fix your indoor equipment up with this fabulous device, you just need to purchase a laser designator module from our online store. It will be easy for you to set it up by yourself. Alternatively, contact the nearest service centre to have the job done. The cost of a module for independent installation is 1500 roubles.

лазерный целеуказатель

The module is easy to install into all types of blasters (old models may require slight body customizations) and is activated when the other hand sensor is triggered.

лазерная пушка

Have exciting games and may the force be with you!

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