Активное устройство лабиринта cybertag

Indoor laser tag network equipment

Активное устройство лабиринта cybertag

Maze network equipment has been mentioned a number of times so far. There were several reasons to do this. Originally, indoor laser tag players interacted exceptionally with each other as they tagged each other and scored points. The process of the game seemed to the participants to be one-sided: additional devices that would affect what was happening within laser tag arena were required. Anyway, we didn’t want to overload the arena with devices the purpose of which would have to be explained to the players on a daily basis. It’s inconvenient for the clients either, since they just want to play instead of having to remember different varieties of arena equipment and how they work.

That’s why the idea of creating a universal device that would combine functions of several additional devices was about to emerge. At last, we are ready to bring out the final version of the equipment – it’s an interactive game base.

The interactive game base is a long-awaited network equipment, the result of active work of our computer program specialists, designers, construction specialists, software testers.  The device came out to be flexible in setting up, has an attractive design and is functional. Well, let’s take one step at a time.

There are 2 types available to buy: the first one is the basic version of the device, the second is the special interactive game base version.

The first version is easy to connect, set up, and there is no need to waste time on configuring it.

This interactive game base version is a whole box of useful equipment. The functions of the device depend on the way it has been set up: it may be a target today, first aid kit tomorrow, sentry gun or checkpoint the day after tomorrow. Today players capture the bases, tomorrow the equipment will tag a lagging behind player with an infrared signal. As a result of equipping the arena with such a game device not only does the amount of devices that can be used increase, but there appear to be more scenarios. So it will not be hard to surprise experienced indoor laser tag warriors.

Besides that, an interactive game base is an additional radio base, which increases and improves the quality of the signal. The use of this feature ensures there are no “dead” zones, while loss of connection between play sets is out of the question.

The design of the basic equipment will match any surroundings. Due to the built-in RGB-lighting and its pyramid shape, a base will not take a lot of space on a wall. As for the players, they will easily find it provided the arena is lit. Besides, there is an inbuilt speaker in the device, and there is a 12V battery charger included.

Basic versions are included in all CYBERTAG sets. To modernize the arena, one needs to buy a set (with battery included) for 15000 RU.

Special version, besides the above-mentioned functions, will add to the indoor laser tag arena authenticity. This version of the game base is equipped with additional outputs, to which one can attach a spotlight, smoke machine, speakers, RGB-lighting – the surroundings of the arena will become a memorable experience for the players, and will make them come back again and again.

The special CYBERTAG interactive game base is an all-in-one set of equipment, easy functions seting, extra equipment plug in options, beautiful design and new scenarios. You must agree that it’s a lot for a single device. The price of one set is 12 000 RU (with battery charger included).

Interactive game bases unloading started today, so there is no need to pre-order and there will be no delays. As usual, we will be happy to hear from you. Please send your reviews and suggestions to our e-mail: director@laserwar.ru 

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