Аренный лазертаг для взрослых счастье рядом

Indoor laser tag for adults - happiness is nearby

Аренный лазертаг для взрослых счастье рядом

Indoor laser tag surroundings seem to suit kid’s battles more: gleaming pictures on the walls, flashing lights on players’ vests and weapons, electronic music… But statistic data shows that more and more serious grown-ups that can hardly be accused of being silly and immature, are getting in the game. And their number is growing. So what makes indoor laser tag so attractive to adults?

Back to childhood

You may have noticed, that in the last 5-10 years entertainment that used to be purely for children or teenagers has started becoming more popular among adults. They include computer and table games, escape rooms, theme parties and flash mobs, such as a “Painting festival” and a “Zombie carnival”. A logical explanation exists. Being modern people, we become mature and join adult life early. Most of us strive to live up to certain expectations: we want to pass our final exams and get high marks, go to college or university, become a professional in your chosen field, find a decent job, save enough money to buy a flat or for mortgage, have family… And then, during one of those stages we suddenly realize that our childhood is left far behind. But has it ever begun?

Fed up with their somber life, people start catching up on things they missed out on in their childhood. For an adult who still has a child living within, indoor laser tag suits perfectly well: this interesting, exciting game gives lots of positive emotions, unforgettable memories, and makes one feel carefree. And by the way, it helps one manage the accumulated stress perfectly well!

Why is indoor laser tag the ideal entertainvent for grown-ups?

Indeed, there is no age limit for indoor laser tag. The game, though being active, is perfectly safe, which means that children starting from the age of 4 can play it (as long as they can confidently stand on their feet). For adults, safety is important as much: no 30-years old wants to show up at work with a scratched knee or a bruised eye. There is little chance to get hurt, as the design of the labyrinths suggests no sharp corners or slippery floors. Nor will the players get hurt when enemies tag them with the glowing in the dark infrared rays. We face such rays in our daily life, for example, as we switch on a TV.

Indoor laser tag has always been very effective, for its purpose is to throw battle participants into fantasy world, known to them after their favourite computer games and films, where heroes use blasters to defeat their enemies. The settings, lighting and music all help create the illusion that all that’s happening around is real. Anyone irrespective of their sex or age group can become a hero here. Name at least one person who didn’t dream as a child to save humankind (or the opposite, become the main antihero). Deep inside, every second adult still hopes one day to go into the world of his childhood fantasies, where no problems, unpaid loans or evil bosses exist, where one can be a hero.

Still, indoor laser tag is enjoyed by those who didn’t like fantasizing much in childhood, but preferred active games. For an adult who at best goes for a walk from time to time, at worst takes a ride to a shop around the corner, the fact that he has to be active during the game is a big advantage. Fortunately, doing sports is becoming more popular, though not so many people join fitness centres. But it’s so great to stretch your legs! Indoor laser tag allows anyone to run, jump or sit up and down: the players need to be constantly on the move to avoid being shot, they have to hide behind obstacles and sometimes conquer enemies. The game is very dynamic, but at the same time it’s easy, since there is no real need to be physically fit.

Another reason why indoor laser tag is convenient is that it is held in an enclosed centrally heated place, that’s why one can play it all year round. There is no need for special clothing either: you can stay in your clothes. Though for safety reasons we don’t recommend wearing high heel shoes, bring a pair of comfortable shoes with you. Besides that, we suggest that you bring an extra t-shirt, because at times, when the “warriors” come out from the labyrinth, their clothes are soaking wet – so active the game may get. By the way, it is the reason why women value laser tag so much: it is great exercise, as good as fitness training.

Together more fun

Remember playing the ball in childhood and other games where lots of kids were involved? Such games helped us make friends, brought us together and allowed us to understand each other better. Laser tag is a team game too! It’s functions are the same: to bring members of the team together, to teach them to understand each other without words, to help bring out leadership traits in people who lack confidence for this in everyday life. It’s for this reason that work teams often come to play laser tag. Holding a corporate party in the labyrinth is not uncommon any more. It’s a lot more interesting and useful than going to the pub or having a picnic (but of course, everyone has his own likes or dislikes).

Nevertheless, it’s not necessary to gather a company of friends to play laser tag. The good point about indoor games is that you can always join other players. It means that even if all your friends turned out to be busy suddenly, but you want to play, call without delay the game organizers and tell them that you would like to join another team. Of course you may encounter exceptionally uncompromising people, who will deny the slightest possibility that you can play together with them (again, same as in childhood). But, first of all, this doesn’t often happen (except for corporate parties where everyone knows each other, teams that perfect their skills). Second, a game lasts only 20-30 minutes, so you will not need to wait long for more friendly laser tag lovers.

Finally, we would like to add that we have seen lots of adults skeptical about the game, who came to play it for the first time, persuaded by their friends to try it. Well… you should have seen them 20 minutes into the game, just after the end of the battle! There is drastic change about them: they smile, share impressions without hiding their emotions and not letting each other say a word, one can hardly find the right words to describe the joy in their eyes. At last they begin to understand that one doesn’t have to be a child to feel happy. This is what indoor laser tag is all about: within a quarter of an hour in some mysterious way it makes us forget about all our problems. It’s cheaper and more effective than going to a psychoanalyst, isn’t it?

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