АУЛ PRO для самостоятельной интеграции

Game base for self-integration

АУЛ PRO для самостоятельной интеграции

While planning and creating their own game maze for arena laser tag, many users would like to expand the narrow scope of standard equipment and have unique original arena devices. Fortunately, designers have never lacked imagination.

Now there is such an opportunity. For those who want to create their own version of the active device of the maze (Game Base), we are glad to offer the Game Base PRO, which has additional capabilities for managing external devices. The user can manually integrate the device into the body of his own design.

The LASERWAR ARENA at GALAXY Park in the city of Smolensk has that sort of the Game Base.

To make the device noticeable in the twilight of the maze, its body can be made large enough and equipped with various illumination as well as RGB-strips. You can also paint the Game Base with luminescent paint.

Game Base PRO represents a control board with a radio module, control processor, power supply circuits and control elements of external devices.

On the perimeter of the board there are switching sockets for connecting external control circuits.

The board has terminals for connecting:

  • TSOP-sensor,
  • RGB-strip,
  • Up to 3 infrared emitters,
  • 12V power socket,
  • Two 220V, 1000W switch relay for connecting smoke machines or other special effects equipment,
  • 2 outputs for the 12V lamp connection,
  • Plug for connecting the LAN cable,
  • 2 inputs for connecting buttons, motion sensors, etc.,
  • Audio speaker connection,
  • Line output to connect an external speaker system with an amplifier.

The use of special effects equipment, such as smoke machines, holographic screens and strobescopes can significantly enhance the experience of players and give them positive emotions from the game. The advanced features for connecting additional devices to the Game Base Pro will definitely improve the gaming process.

The new multifunctional Game Base PRO can already be purchased in our online store. The cost will be 300 USD.

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