Future Cybertag laser tag arena


On New Year’s Eve, we usually make plans for the future, setting out guidelines for the movement and development, because the future is coming today. We also would like to share our plans with you and show the lase rtag arena of the near future as we see it.

Here you can see the laser tag arena of the future. This concept is our professional view of the rental laser tag.

What will it be like? Very soon the world of the arena lase rtag will have a real revolution.

Just imagine: special effects like in Hollywood; the most modern solutions in electronics; sound, color, unity of technology. At the heart of everything is CYBERTAG equipment.

Animatronics and robots, advanced acoustic systems, holographic and gobo projectors showing high quality images, colorful stroboscopic light, smoke machines, laser tag labyrinth, LED floors…

Add to that exciting game scenarios that will cause a barrage of emotions and adrenaline. A space that brings you into another, perfect reality. A game in which anyone can become a superhero. The pleasure of communication, live emotions, pure drive.

The usual vision of the game will change. It’s the attraction of the future.

CYBERTAG arenas will be a hit of amusement parks, a favorite place for recreation activities, a recognizable urban attraction. No one else will want to go back to their PC or put on VR glasses. Every will be around CYBERTAG only, LASERWAR only.

Of course, so far it is only a concept – the direction of movement and development, but as the hero of the novel Mark Levy says: “Make the world move, it’s your world!”

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