Плюсы и минусы аренного лазертага

For and against indoor laser tag

Плюсы и минусы аренного лазертага
Плюсы и минусы аренного лазертага

Indoor laser tag is an entertaining, adventurous, unpredictable and remarkable game. You can hardly find a person who after playing laser tag once remained indifferent to it. So if you ask coordinators and players what the drawbacks of the game are they will answer all as one: “There are no drawbacks!” But there are some of course and we are going to speak about them honestly.

Still, let’s start with the strong points, since they are obviously the majority.

Good points

+ It brings the most daring fantasies to life

Indoor games take place inside special labyrinths, designed to look like some well-known Universe (those who love Star Wars, for example, will enjoy playing in a labyrinth that recreates Imperial space ships’ passageways). Just imagine: special light effects, glowing and flashing with various colours vests and blasters, lively music, shooting gun sounds, crafty enemies and loyal comrades – in a moment you immerse yourself into the atmosphere of your favourite film or game. You get a chance to become a hero in real life. Not in your dreams, which you dare not share with anyone because it is often considered that adults are not supposed to dream.

+ Dynamism

Unlike outdoor games that take place somewhere outside in the fields and are directed at people who are not in a rush, laser tag is on the contrary very dynamic. Even one hour of an outdoor battle cannot trigger as many emotions as will 15 minutes of an indoor laser tag game. That is why indoor laser tag is commonly played by people who are adventurous, who love acting on the spot, without pondering or developing long-term strategies.

+ It is safe for all player categories

Laser tag labyrinths are perfectly safe for players. The floor surface of the arena is even, sharp corners are covered with soft material, infrared gun shot rays are definitely safe. During the game no one will stumble on a branch of wood, on a bar sticking out from the ground or on a sticking out nail which is not uncommon in outdoor laser tag. Labyrinths can be used by kids, teenagers and adults who are not really prepared for strenuous activities. It is almost impossible to get hurt while playing indoor laser tag. The rules don’t even permit running. Though you are guaranteed to get a bump on your forehead if you crash into your enemy at full speed as you run from around the corner. But you would keep remembering, while rubbing the injured place, long after the game had been over, how much fun it was.

+ Setting up the equipment according to your needs

By programming the equipment for various aims you can use up all the possibilities of game scenarios. For instance, you may ask the coordinators to arrange a realistic battle, in which the players have only one “life” and a limited number of “bullets”. The game will certainly end soon, but it will be extremely exciting!

+ No matter what the weather is like

Indoor laser tag is always in season. For you will play in a dry, well ventilated place where you can’t be caught in a rain, snow or hurricane. Besides, you will not need an additional outfit. You can wear the clothes in which you came to the labyrinth: jeans, shorts, a funny dress or a tuxedo – this doesn’t really matter. As long as you are comfortable wearing it.

+ Convenient location

Labyrinths are often set up in shopping centres. That is why players can do several things in one go: do their shopping, have something to eat in a food hall, and play laser tag when they get bored.

+ Low cost

A game of laser tag is going to be two or three times cheaper (if we add a popcorn and a cola one can’t do without) than going to the cinema. Besides, at the cinema you are going to be just a passive onlooker. In laser tag you are going to take an active part in the action. Which one is better: to follow the adventures of the film characters while sitting in your chair or to take part in an exciting battle and gain victory?

These are certainly not all the assets of indoor laser tag. One can keep counting them endlessly. So, let’s switch to its small drawbacks. Although usually only the game organizers notice them.

Bad points

-Lengthy and expensive labyrinth construction

Unlike outdoor games that allow running around any field or forest, arena has to be built and prepared. This requires a lot of time and money. Anyway, coordinators can find positive sides here: there is less competition in indoor laser tag than in any other type of war games, because the players are more interested in the settings than in the opportunity to shoot and move. The fans who don’t take part in the game but would like to watch the action are going to be a lot more comfortable in a warm place supplied with a wardrobe, benches and – if the coordinators decide so – some food.

-It’s not possible to come to the clients’ door

Big labyrinths are usually stationary. Yet there are collapsible constructions that can be easily transported from one place to another and set up at a location which is convenient for the customer. For example, a labyrinth may be brought to a corporate event or to a kids’ party.


No, there is no mistake – this point is both positive and negative. As we have already mentioned above, people who love long “fights”, team debates and clever strategic plans may not be really excited about indoor laser tag. Playing in the maze will seem to them to be too fast and too active. But it’s a matter of taste. That is the reason why both indoor and outdoor laser tag have so many supporters. Everyone chooses what he or she likes more. Anyway, outdoor laser tag lovers often come back to the labyrinth to experience the unusual environment and to practice their combat fighting skills.

-It causes addiction

There is a grain of truth in every joke. There is a thing about laser tag, just as about anything that brings joy and positive emotions. We would like to talk more about the drawbacks… but there seems to be none left. At least ones that need to be mentioned separately. The thing is that indoor laser tag, being an interactive attraction, a war game and a sport, is absolutely positive. If you still don’t believe us – try playing it.

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