Пожарная безопасность вашей арены

Fire safety in your arena

Пожарная безопасность вашей арены

At first sight, it may seem that the responsibility for compliance with fire safety requirements rests entirely with the owner of the mall, and the designers have thought everything over for us, having figured out a reliable and effective protection scheme of the entire building from fire. We're just renting some space here. So why should we bear responsibility? However, that's not entirely true.

Compliance with fire safety rules is a daily task for each employee of the mall.

Neglecting fire safety requirements may be the first step towards a tragedy. To avoid that, the following measures should be taken.

  • Make sure the partitions and other structural elements of your arena are made of non-combustible and fire-resistant materials.
  • Check the working condition of the fire extinguishing system.
  • Train the arena admin. and maintenance staff to deal with emergencies. Show the nearest evacuation exit, location of fire extinguishers.
  • At the end of the working day, turn off all elements of the arena that are powered by electricity: the control PC, game and radio basis, energizers, vests with blasters, as well as game and work lights. It is recommended to unplug the group sockets at the end of the day.
  • Charge the game sets only during working hours and under constant staff supervision. Use only the standard chargers that are included in the CYBERTAG set.
  • And, of course, do not forget about the full list of documentation on fire safety: logs, instructions, fire safety orders, the organization of fire prevention and evacuation plan in case of emergency. The availability of these documents should be checked with the administration of your mall.

Remember! Your competent approach to fire safety organization is the key to the successful functioning of the CYBERTAG arena. Don't waste time on conversations with the fire department. The rest of the time the arena will be available for exciting and breathtaking games!

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