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Development and design of LASERWAR arenas

arena-kibertag (1).jpg

The design and the making of laser war arenas should do the professionals because it is difficult to do it all by yourself.

The bright design of game zone attracts the visitors and they come again and again. LASERWAR company will help you in the making of future arenas. No more extra money.

Arena is a specially equipped room for laser tag, which is used for different scenarios. It is necessary do make an entrance area with reception and cloakroom.

Usually arenas are look like an adventure in space: futuristic objects, bright colours, special effects and music.

Play area is universal: it is suitable for parties and standard team training.

Taking into account financial possibilities of our clients, LASERWAR team will design any arena. We have already helped to open more than 30 arena laser tag areas, and more than 100 game zones of laser tag clubs.

More about arena development read in article.

Link to the details.

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