Сценарии cybertag

Cybertag scenarios

Сценарии cybertag

Each new version of CYBERTAG configurator gets more added on functions and supports still more scenarios. In the latest version we have prepared 3 new types of games. In them, the capacities of CYBERTAG software and equipment are used to their maximum potential.


The scenario known to all outdoor laser tag players has now been implemented in indoor laser tag.

Besides the standard rating points that players get for killing their rivals, here they need to capture and hold control spots. CYBERTAG interactive game bases function as control spots. Interactive game bases (IGBs) are captured players by shooting into them.

By using the flexible system of the scenario editor, we have configured various modes of interactive game bases. If an interactive game base is captured its glow colour will change. In default settings 3 devices have to be captured in order to gain victory. Yet a user himself can change this parameter. We didn’t want indoor laser tag lovers to feel disadvantaged, therefore the outdoor laser tag classics is now available to everyone.


This is one of the scenarios in which players need to monitor not only the amount of their own health, but also look after their base. A bomb in indoor laser tag is not an additional device that has to be taken somewhere. A bomb is actualized through a program. To get a bomb, to lay one or to demine it one needs to shoot into an IGB. The colour of the interactive game base is determined by players’ actions.

Yellow – no bomb has been given to an ally, no bomb laid by a rival.

Violet – a bomb has been given to a rival, no bomb laid by a rival.

Red – a rival laid a bomb, the IGB has to be demined.

Besides the colour indication, the modes are accompanied by sound feedback. The explosion countdown timer will force the rival to leave their positions and rush to the base. One can make the most of this time by delivering a knockdown attack or by occupying the most advantageous positions of the field.


This is an action-packed scenario in which players will have to move a lot. The marking system used in Flag Capture is also available in the latest software update. By shooting into an IGB one can get the flag and set it up on one’s base. Points are awarded for each successful flag set up. The vest of the player who has captured the flag changes its colour, so players will easily understand who requires their particular attention.

Flag capture, base defense, lots of action are the distinctive elements of this scenario. You can evaluate the dynamic pattern and your perception reaction time right now by downloading the CYBERTAG configurator or by updating your program to the latest version.


11 scenarios are already available for players and CYBERTAG arenas owners. Still we are not going to stop here. 3 more game variants are being tested, we will share information on them a little later. In order to not confuse you about the scenarios, we have created a hint which is attached as a separate file. It contains a brief description of each game type, the meaning of default settings. The document can be used to describe the game process on websites, in social networks. For a game presentation we have videos which will answer all players’ and buyers’ questions.

As always, we look forward to your offers and suggestions at director@laserwar.ru

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