Cybertag in a german style. Arena in Hamburg


Today we will talk about a cyber tag arena which name contains a word play. Lasertreff can mean both a laser hit and a laser encounter. Everyone can interpret the name as he or she likes. The name makes a potential visitor think for a moment. Not a bad marketing move, right?

Кибертаг в Гамбурге

More than a year ago, when the guys decided to open the arena, they were offered to rent the territory of the former bowling alley — Bramfelder Chaussee, 291, Hamburg, Germany. Naturally, the area had to be completely converted. The specialists had to build partitions, to do the wiring of electricity, to plan everything from scratch. But they coped with those difficulties. Now only the photos on the club’s website remind about how the arena looked like before…
The play area is 320 meters.  Up to 14 players can enjoy the game at the same time — enough to meet the needs of different categories of visitors: children’s parties, school leaving parties, corporate parties.  
The club is mainly focused on children’s audience. Although adults do not mind to remember the fun yard games and rush into battle for the title of the most accurate and agile player.Thewholegame play is recorded on a large TV, which is available for fans to watch throughout the game. And, of course, the “heroes of the occasion” can after the battle enjoy and see the number of their hits and evaluate the rating of the game as a whole.


The most popular scenarios are “All against all” and “Team vs team”. However, users have access to all CYBERTAG scenarios. 
The room is equipped in the best arena traditions. There is a small but comfortable dressing room, from which players go to the reception area. There is also a spacious briefing room with an overview screen in front of which players gather to listen to safety instructions and get preliminary information about the game scenario.Next to the reception area you can see doors that lead to the rest room, virtual reality room and room with slot machines.

Cybertag по-Немецки

The main feature of the scenario is a unique arena design: the entire play area is looks as if you were in a safari park. The illumination simulates a day in the jungle: Everything like in a real life: the day begins with dawn, continues with a day phase, sunset and ends with thenight life of the jungle. The speakers, scattered around the arena, provide a realistic sound: You can hear the growling of wild animals, the noise of the tropical rain, the cries of strange African birds. And smoke-machines and artificial bonfires create the illusion of a primitive tribe’s feast. The realistic atmosphere takes players to the wild Africa and makes you feel like a part of this savage world. It’s fantastic!

кибертаг по-Немецки

Well, now let’s talk a little about the material component of the project. Quite reasonable questions arise from entrepreneurs who want to open their first arenas: How to organize this business to cover the cost of rent? How to recover the expenses related to the equipment and construction of the arena?   
Compared to renting a room the price of the CYBERTAG equipment is quite acceptable. Unfortunately, the rental taxes are too high. This trend can be seen in all the major cities of Europe and, in particular, in Germany. But it is necessary to understand that the payback will depend on how much money you have spent. The more you spend — the more you get. Is there any paradox? There isn’t. It is important to observe a few simple rules.
First, it is necessary to use every inch of the rented place. You can place mini-attractions, slot machines, air hockey, virtual reality systems andother equipment. Also consider the idea of a mini fresh bar in your club — soft drinks will not be superfluous after hot gambling battles in the arena.

кибертаг арена в Гамбурге

Secondly, we need an effective advertising company. The payback period depends on the competent approach to it. We, as a manufacturer, support our B2B customers. By purchasing CYBERTAG, you get 2.5 gigabytes of promotional materials as a gift. They will help you easily arrange a briefing room, reception area and other rooms. High-resolution photos are suitable for printed products: banners, booklets, leafletsand business cards are the attributes that are necessary for the client interaction. The materials have the same style, so you can easily make the image of your arena recognizable. You can read more about it here.

кибертаг арена

Thirdly, the advertising complain is great but don’t forget about the rumour mill. And in Germany, its effect is no worse than in Russia. Once you one day, receiving positive emotions and decent service, the client definitely will come next time to you. The clients will share their emotions and impressions with friends after their first visit. Someone will post photos from the game to the social network — this is how therumour mill starts… New people will start hearing about your arena.

Cybertag в Гамбурге

Fourth, you can order an arena project from us! After all, who else but we — manufacturers of CYBERTAG equipment — know how to comply with all the subtleties of this difficult matter. And the price of our services will be incomparably more profitable compared to any European companies.  
Are there problems? Does everything always go smoothly? With rare exceptions, there is always a problem. And especially a lot of difficulties of different nature happens with start-ups. Something similar happened with Lasertreff. At one point, the financing promised by the bank was suddenly suspended without explanation. But the club did not give up. It was necessary to change the plans, to slow down the pace of construction of additional areas and the purchase of CYBERTAG equipment and focus on what had already been created.  
At one point, the customer base started growing. And now, just a year after the start of the business, the guys are already equipping the second arena. They want to make it in a space style. An active construction of the labyrinth is on its way.

Арена кибертаг в Гамбурге

Hamburg is a city with a million-plus population. Despite the presence of competitors, the club manages to grow and attract new guests. Themain advertising resource of the club is, of course, Google AdWords, where interested users can easily find Lasertreff by typing the main keywords. In addition, the most interesting moments, current news, working hours and other important information are available on the club’s website. Photo reports from the games can be found in the official group of the club in Facebook, as well in the Instagram account.

Cybertag в Гамбурге по-Немецки

If you visit Hamburg one day, don’t miss your chance to play a game of CYBERTAG on a great arena — enjoy your time in Lasertreff. Hospitable hosts of the arena are always happy to welcome new guests. Current prices can be seen by clicking on the link.  
Laser tag arenas CYBERTAG. Made in Russia. Works all over the world!

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