Энерджайзер cybertag

Cybertag energizer

Энерджайзер cybertag

One of the advantages of CYBERTAG equipment is that it is interactive. Any game action within the arena is indicated by light, sound and vibration produced by the sets. The way players interact with the equipment determines the manner of the game. Should the game base capture be advantageous, the players will concentrate all their attention on this action.

The interactive feature of the arena is the route to its success. This idea was the basis for the development of a new device – the Energizer. The name speaks for itself: the main function of this device is player’s ammunition refill and restoration of health.

Until now players had no device with which they could physically  interact. The energizer is here to improve this situation. It is equipped with a large button with a clearly fixed position when pressed. The button is not level with the frame, so players will not have to search for it with their fingers, thus saving their time.

By focusing our attention on the important elements, we made the design functional yet attractive. The red and yellow edging around the button not only matches well the overall design, it also makes the button look bigger. The bright scale used in the device will notify the player when the Energizer is ready to restore health.

The device should better be set at eye level, so that players don’t loose sight of it in the darkness of the arena. The additional mounts at the back cover of the device make fixing it on a wall easy, thus making its use more comfortable and practical.

The functions of the device are not limited only to health restoration. You can use the abilities of the configurator to set up other functions. Certain settings allow to destroy the Energizer of the enemies’ team. If players are left without the first aid kit and ammunition, they basically lose their chance to win the game.

On top of everything, Energizer is a shockproof device. The metal case is strong enough even for the most active players, while its convenience and ease of use will be remembered by laser tag players.

CYBERTAG arena acquired yet another device which will allow to see another side of game events.

For those who want to make Energizer part of their arena equipment, there is an e-mail: info@laserwar.ru. Write to us, and we will explain how you can get the sets you need and how you can connect them to the existing system. 

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