Обновилась программа cybertag

Cybertag configurator update

Обновилась программа cybertag

No software product ever does without updates, for producers can’t afford to become complacent about the achieved results – they strive to improve functions, to add parameters that users may need and to get rid of unwanted options. The developers of the CYBERTAG laser tag system are not an exception.

The new program version – – is now available to users in the Italian language. You are sure to enjoy the ‘Football’ scenario. Its mode of operation has been thoroughly reconsidered and transformed. The ‘Confrontation – base capture’ scenario has acquired new sound effects. On top of that, we have improved the system of mistakes registration and processing, which serves to eliminate any problems that may arise during program operation. Now you can not only send or save mistakes report, but also chat with technical support representatives online.  

We are going to tell you more about this later, though. Follow the news and keep abreast of the latest events.

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