Обновление cybertag-конфигуратора. Версия

Cybertag configurator update version

Обновление cybertag-конфигуратора. Версия

Guys, we're ending 2018 with good news. A new update of CYBERTAG Configurator has been released.

Let's cover the features.

  1. We added the function of clearing the list of players at the end of the battle. There is no need to rename laser tag fighters manually anymore. A special button was added to the configurator's menu that clears the old list and assigns standard names to the participants of the new game. In total, the program contains 56 names of players.
  2. It's now possible to view past laser tag games. They are saved in the stats tab. Data can be printed out or saved in XLS format.
  3. New sound effects for laser tag scenarios were added.

In January, the list of CYBERTAG Configurator scenarios will be expanded with a new one – Feeder. We'll tell you more about the new scenario next year.

It should be noted that in 2019 the program will have a whole series of important updates. We're going to work closely on improving the configurator's functionality. There will be social networking support, global stats on all games and users and many other useful things. Changes will take place every month. Follow the news and stay up to date with all updates.

In work on our corporate software we are always guided by our customers' wishes. If you have any requests and ideas for improvement of CYBERTAG Configurator, contact us! Send your recommendations to info@laserwar.ru.

We remind you that Windows 10 operating system is the best option for working with CYBERTAG equipment on your interactive laser tag arena.

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