Обновление cybertag-конфигуратора. Версия

Cybertag configurator update version

Обновление cybertag-конфигуратора. Версия

In this update we touched upon the comments made by arena owners. Version will make the game faster to download, users will be able to comment blocks in the scenario editor, remove playlists and sounds. In addition, we fixed small defects, which will be discussed below.


Before the start of the game, the administrator selects the scenario, the composition of the teams. The players wear vests and are prepared for the battle. After the preparatory phase, the settings are loaded into the equipment. It takes 30-50 seconds, but this time can also be used more efficiently.

In the latest update scenario settings are applied even before the start of the game. In this case, the time is used rationally, and after pressing the Start button the game begins in 5 seconds. No delays and short waiting time.


In the heat of battle the players perform scenario tasks, deactivate players, earn rating points. The glowing equipment looks beautiful and impressive. But as soon as the game ends, the glow of the vests ends you have to give them to the next group of players.

But everyone wants to remember the game, take some pictures for Instagram and social networks. Especially for such players we added a button, which is responsible for the glow mode of vests and blasters.

If you click on it, the equipment will glow with the color of the player's team after the game. That means you can take beautiful pictures in a couple of seconds without detaining other players.

The glow is flexibly adjustable: the flicker frequency and brightness are available to the administrator. The parameters can be easily adjusted with a slider.


We added a comment field to the script editor. Now you can write short notes about each event, action and parameter. The diagram of chains is easier to understand if each element is signed by the user.

An ability to remove playlists and sounds was also added. Administrators do not have to understand a large list of "drafts". Create a playlist, add sounds and remove unnecessary ones. Nothing can be easier.

A "countdown" and "countdown completed" events were added to the chain of events. We try to make sure that in every scenario any little thing is set up by the player. Therefore, 2 new events can be used now in new versions of the game.


In the problem of saving the equipment color from the previous game was fixed. We also noticed the overlapping of game sets: we fixed the error. We review the invulnerability time for IGBs: it has a wider range, the invulnerability effect in the game is triggered correctly.


We remind arena owners to register the configurator. Very soon we will stop supporting unlicensed versions. You will not be able to update and get 100% of functionality.

The software is the pearl of CYBERTAG. 17 default scenarios, a nice design and flexible setup. The configurator works perfectly on weak PCs and fully controls the finances of the arena. Update to the current version right now.

Send your proposals and comments to director@laserwar.ru

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