Обновление cybertag-конфигуратора. Версия

Cybertag configurator update version

Обновление cybertag-конфигуратора. Версия

In this cybertag configurator update we have changed the game sound and the settings of laser tag sets. New tabs have been added to the program, the number of scenarios has been increased. 

Let's have a look at what's new: 

There is a new "DHCP server" tab. Before the update you had to use routers. Now you can use switches and hubs. The DHCP server will automatically work through our configurator. Here you can also edit IP address and subnetwork mask settings. Note that the subnetwork mask settings may not be the same as your Internet connection settings. 

In "General Settings" there is a "Standart language packs" menu. Here you can set up the arena sounds. You should go through a few simple steps for the changes to take effect. 

Go to the "General Settings" tab. 

Click the edit button that is next to the standard language packs menu. 

Select a language, mark the items you want to customize. 

Restore standard scenario settings. (General Settings > standard scenario settings → Restore) 

We strongly recommend that you save the user scenarios before the update. 

— Now the game bases provide sound support of all the player's actions.  We have all indication systems: sounds, and  visual illumination that helps the player to understand the status of the arena modes. 

—  In the "Network Devices" tab, you can turn on/off game bases without restarting the program.  

—  In the "Sets" tab, you can now edit the name of the blasters, adjust the shot power, brightness, and volume. 

Watch our video to see everything in detail. We hope it will give you a deeper understanding of complex processes. Before the upgrade, do not forget to register your configurator version and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Watch the news feed. We have more hot summer software updates for CYBERTAG.

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