Cybertag-конфигуратор. Обновление экрана статистики

Cybertag configurator. Stat window update

Cybertag-конфигуратор. Обновление экрана статистики

Our company programmers and designers have been busy developing the design of the CYBERTAG configurator. The software has changed significantly in the last half a year: an impressive scenario editor has been added, as well as interactive game bases support. Besides, further improvements made working with the program easier and more enjoyable.

It took us a while to decide on each element of the configurator. We draw several model samples, tried out various solutions and settled upon the best one. Therefore, the end result came out polished and stylish. In the latest update, the stat window has been changed.

We did not transform the whole concept, yet we changed the graphical elements by focusing on the important ones. The player must be able to find the required information within seconds. How much time has been left until the end of the round? Is the team winning or is it 20 points behind? Who is the leader of the current battle? Who should be given particular attention? The answers to these questions determine the outcome of the game. The accessibility and clarity of this data on the stat screen affect how fast the tactical decision will be made.

We have highlighted the special areas responsible for game parameters. At the top of the screen there is the time of the round, at the sides – the list of team members and the individual statistics, in the bottom corners – team score, in the centre – the current leader. Both a newbie and an experienced laser tag player will instantly find the required information, that is why the stat window is an ideal addition to the game process. There have been still more changes.

At the end of the game the statistics can be not only printed out, one can view it on the main screen. This saves a lot of time for both the arena visitors and owners. There is no need to wait for the printouts any more, for the data on scores, “murders” and deaths is available immediately after the game has been over. It is always interesting to know what the outcome of the battle is and what your personal contribution into the team’s success is.

A few more configurator advantages are worth mentioning. In the general program settings you can change the background of the stat screen. The software may be personalized to match the arena design by creating your own background model. The customization will be remembered by the players, for arena elements will have a unified style: vests, blasters, sounds, outfit stripes – all of them united by the same concept.

The changes can be tried out by updating the current version of the program to the latest one. If you are not familiar with the opportunities of the CYBERTAG configurator, then you will find it useful to visit the page, where you can apply for the software download.

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