Cybertag-конфигуратор. Новые сценарии

Cybertag configurator: new scenarios

Cybertag-конфигуратор. Новые сценарии

LASERWAR company continues its indoor laser tag software development. The scenarios, sound system and the layout of the program have been improved in the new version of the CYBERTAG configurator. The performance of less powerful computers has increased, and they became more stable. The configurator was placed on the server, therefore we suggest that the old version must be updated to the current one. Below you will find a detailed description of the changes that have been introduced.


The company specialists used the scenario editor to the max and added 4 game variations to the existing ones. At the moment, 8 games are included in the scenario. This improvement will be appreciated by arena owners and by those who love indoor laser tag.

In the “One Shot” scenario the warriors’ goal is to kill their enemies and to destroy the rivals’ interactive game base. No mistakes can be made though: each player only has 1 life. Intense concentration and the rule of “1 shot – 1 dead body” make the participants plan all their moves very carefully. To leap to the game base? To stay in the hiding? To keep distracting the enemies while the allies are destroying the base? To continue shooting the enemies from behind the fortification? The correct answer is concealed in the CYBERTAG labyrinths.

There are no allies in the “Last Hero”, therefore it is not possible to control all the parts of the playfield. Carelessness results in dropping out. The hard line gameplay keeps one on one’s toes, up until no enemies have been left. The player that kills everyone will receive the honorary title of the “Last hero”.

The “Invincible” scenario. The name speaks for itself. An additional base set up in the middle of the playfield makes players invulnerable for a period of one minute. Yet this is true only near the base. As you get close by, you become an easy prey for the cold-blooded enemies. Time management is important in the scenario: becoming invincible is not sufficient, one must use this asset correctly. The precious seconds can take away lives of 2-3 enemies, or the opposite, save the life of a retreating player. One must keep track of one’s time, hold the enemy away from the center and control the flanking maneuvers. Wise tactics will not leave the rival team a single chance.

“Score race”. In this scenario score points are taken away for the virtual death. For this reason it is essential not to have a negative score. Staying mobile, precise and arduous will help stay at the top of the rating. You will need a bit of luck in order to gain victory, though it always favours the brave.


A sounds tab has been added to the configurator. You can access it by clicking on the icon in the left part of the soft. In the new window one can choose the soundtrack, link it to an event, rename it if needed. A basic list of sounds is offered to the client, yet one can upload his own files too. A straightforward progress bar is at the bottom. It allows to estimate the total length of the melodies.


The logic of menu structuring has changed. The tab with the screens has been transferred to the Program Settings. Now all the scenario parameters are in one place. Owing to this structure, the user will not get disoriented in the numerous details.

The layout of the active tabs has changed. Titles backlight, underscoring lines create a balanced layout concept. We doubt not, that the CYBERTAG configurator users will admire the friendly interface design.


Interactive game bases support, scenarios editor, 2-click play sets set-up have already been added to the CYBERTAG program. We are planning to increase the number of scenarios to 18 by the end of November. Besides, Energizers will be released soon; this will be announced very soon. As usual, we look forward to your reviews and suggestions at our e-mail: 

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