Cybertag-конфигуратор. Новые сценарии и технические обновления

Cybertag configurator. New scenarios and technical updates

Cybertag-конфигуратор. Новые сценарии и технические обновления

The possibilities of the scenario editor have been used to the full in the most recent update of CYBERTAG configurator. Thanks to the flexible game settings, 3 new game scenarios have been created.


Players on the play field are divided into 2 teams. None of the players know their allies: both the teams have same basic colour. You need to shoot a player to understand member of which team he is. Each team has their own hit colour, so participants will know whether they have shot an ally or a rival.

One scores points for shooting a rival, but can get a negative score for shooting allies. Therefore, it is essential that you decide from the very beginning who is going to be in your team.

The team that scores highest wins the game.


Everyone is familiar with the rules of this game. Tag is a popular outdoor game, which is now played in indoor laser tag. The rules are simple: everyone plays for himself. Points are awarded for killing and wounding. There is a tagger in this game, which is the distinctive feature of the scenario. Any player can be a tagger. If a tagger kills another player, the glow colour of the latter changes, he loses points and becomes a tagger himself. One should avoid becoming a tagger at the end of a game: when time is up the player loses one thousand points.

The player who scores highest wins the game.


This game is one of the warlike games that are available. Players are divided into 2 teams. The objective of the first team is to protect their base from the rivals. The second team’s objective is to break defence line and destroy the base. If a player is killed he automatically becomes a member of opposing team. Players are awarded points for killing and wounding.

The team that scores highest wins.


Changes have been made to the earlier released scenarios.

Teams’ colour has been unified. The Invincible scenario has been revised. The invincibility setting has now been corrected. When a player captures a base, he gets an advantage within 20 seconds that will help him win the game.

As to the technical upgrades, we must note that it has now become possible to contact the developers. Now, if you get a problem, you can make a report and send it to CYBERTAG programmers. The claim is given a unique number and you can trace its progress on your personal account page at


15 scenarios, updated game settings, great design and stable work is what CYBERTAG is all about. Every day we keep improving the design and functions of the configurator and aim to make the software look nice and modern. We certainly consider the opinions of players and arena owners.

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