Cybertag-арена в Грозненском дельфинарии

Cybertag arena in grozny dolphinarium

Cybertag-арена в Грозненском дельфинарии

A unique in all respects complex has been opened just a few minutes’ drive from the center of the capital of the Republic of Chechnya — Grozny — on a huge territory of 55 hectares. The main gem of the complex is a dolphinarium. 
In addition, it includes theater for young audiences, a restaurant on the water, a race track, a children’s boat station, a dinosaur park, a petting zoo. And all these splendor things are within the concept of one project. This local Disneyland is a real paradise for families!


Such a complex is the only one of its kind and the largest in the North Caucasus Federal district. Therefore, the designers are sure that the visitors of the dolphinarium will be not only Chechens, but also residents of neighboring republics.    
The ground floor and the first floor have an area of more than 3000 square meters. They are reserved for an entertainment center with children’s attractions. Here the gem of the whole complex is located — a CYBERTAG arena.  
Republican authorities ordered the design fromLASERWAR. We are glad that the customer entrusted this difficult task to the manufacturer of the equipment. LASERWAR designers successfully coped with it: the project was prepared in the shortest possible time. Area — 250 sq. m. Capacity — up to 14 people.

Cybertag-арена в Грозненском

A week ago, when the construction of the arena was already at the final stage, the technical specialists of our company visited their colleagues in Grozny. They helped to set up all the maze interactive devices, run the CYBERTAG configurator program and conduct a test game. Visitors will play such scenarios such as Football, Best of the best, Capture the flag, Confrontation and others. 
Grozny dolphinarium is already open. It is waiting for visitors! Come for bright emotions! 
CYBERTAG — made in Russia.

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