Arena laser tag game rules


Arena laser tag is a popular active game for people of all ages. You can play it just for fun, shooting in any direction and constantly getting hit back. But what if you want to become a laser tag guru?! Then you'll love our laser tag arena rules.

When we talk about rules, we of course mean universal provisions that can be used in any scenario. Yes, this list can be extended on a case-by-case basis, but we want to outline the rules by which you are more likely to win. Let's go.

1. Keep moving all the time

Movement means life. This rule also works in the playing arena. Always move from cover to cover, changing your position every second. This will make it harder for your opponent to track you down, and you will be able to find the best positions to shoot from.

2. Choose your target wisely

Deactivating an opponent is a good goal, but you should always remember that there are other objectives depending on the scenario objective. Sometimes it is better to forego a long pursuit of your opponent and concentrate on capturing the enemy turret or destroying the enemy's energizer. Remember that in arena laser tag, the team wins, not just one person. Concentrate on what's important.

3. Use shelters

Minimise your open positions. Be sure to use openings in shelters for active shooting and do not open yourself up to the enemy. Remember: the more hp you save, the better your chances of winning. Watch your back, almost all laser tag arenas are designed in such a way that you can be attacked from different directions. You have to be vigilant and always monitor your opponent's movements.

4. Aim at the sensors

As cliché as it sounds, you don't just aim at the person, but at the sensors on their vest. Don't shoot at random: only the sensors take IR damage, which means they are the main target. Depending on the setting in the software, a different number of points can be awarded for each kill zone. Focus on the most advantageous areas from a scenario's point of view. This is best clarified in advance by the arena's instructor.

5. Don't rush things

In a team battle, it is important to spread out evenly over the whole area. This way you have more control over the game perimeter and you can't get the whole team into a prepared ambush. It is advisable to divide up the roles of the players in advance: someone has to destroy a turret, someone defends his own, someone shoots off enemies and monitors the perimeter, and someone thinks about tactics giving commands to teammates.

6. Observe safety precautions

Oddly enough, fulfilling this point also leads to victory. No injuries during the game - you retained the team's spirit and chances to win; you moved around the playground wisely and co-ordinated your actions - you win the game.

7. Communicate

Keep your closest allies informed of your actions and those of the enemy. You need to have a clear idea of what is happening on the playground at the moment and what tasks need to be completed. Do whatever it takes to win, and it won't take long.

8. Help newcomers

If there are some in your team who are picking up a blaster and wearing a vest for the first time, help them get the hang of it quickly. Show how to reload weapons, where to restore hp, how the second hand sensor works. If all those points are not covered during briefing, you can give short instructions on your own in the arena before the game.

9. Improve the level of individual play

The more you play, the more experience you have, the quicker you can checkmate your opponent. Increase your level of play, train, play in different teams and hone your victorious tactics. Have a good game and see you in the arena!

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