Arena laser tag clothing


Arena laser tag differs from outdoor laser tag not only in game specifics, but also in the clothing required for a comfortable game in the arena. Whereas outdoor games use military camouflage, boots and paramilitary paraphernalia, in arenas the exact opposite is true. In this article we cover the ground rules and give tips on how to prepare properly for arena play.


Arena laser tag is primarily an indoor game. And this room is 99 per cent inside a shopping centre. Therefore, the first piece of advice is to bring a pair of shoe change. Playing in street shoes is of course also possible, but firstly, it is not as comfortable, and secondly, sometimes simply impossible. Winter and high heel boots are not a comfortable option.

The main requirement for a spare pair of shoes is that it should be comfortable and durable. Standard sports or basketball shoes with good soles will do. It is important to ensure maximum traction in order to move quickly and safely from cover to cover.


It is advisable to avoid bright colours in clothing. Why? Because the arena is dusk, fluorescent lights and ultraviolet light. So you will be harder to spot in a dark T-shirt than someone in a white sweatshirt.

Do not choose warm clothing: jumpers and tight bomber jackets should be left for less active games. If at the start of the game you think the arena is cool, compare your impressions after 30 minutes of intense fighting.

Don't forget that outerwear is just a substrate for the arena vest. Ideally, you can use specialised moisture-wicking shirts so that you can maintain a comfortable body temperature without sweating.

Knee pads and elbow pads

Some additional protection, although not compulsory, is highly desirable. In arena laser tag, the player often has to perform many tactical actions and shooting from the knee is one of them. With knee pads, you'll keep your clothes looking their best and your knees will thank you the next morning.

Elbow pads are rather designed to minimise your losses from falls, which sometimes happen in any game. They are optional, but if maximum security is assured, the player has only to concentrate on playing the game and completing the tasks. Safety is above all.

Some tips of advice

Of course, it is worth remembering that arena laser tag is not a high-risk venue, but just family entertainment. So don't "armour yourself" with a helmet, tight military trousers and combat boots. All you have to do is take our advice and be careful in the arena. And you will escape 99% of all unpleasant situations. Good games and quick wins!

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